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Needle Phobia Relief Audio Download

The term for having a phobia of needles is trypanophobia and is generally linked to a distressing experience as a child or it may be a learned behaviour from a relative. In my experience, it often stems from the school vaccination process, but it could be linked to having blood tests or other medical procedures during childhood.

If, when we have an injection, we feel anxious or scared, these feelings can become hooked onto the event of having a jab. When faced with having an injection at some point in the future, the feelings from that painful memory can be triggered. As odd as it may sound, it is the subconscious part of the brain trying to keep you safe, by making you feel so uncomfortable that you avoid being in that situation.  Phobic memories are not processed in the same way as normal memories: they live in the part of your brain that acts like a security officer.  No matter how much you know that it is not a rational way to feel, it can be tricky to stop those uncomfortable feelings from bubbling up to the surface.

The good news is that this audio is designed to help you process the feelings associated with a memory of a distressing experience, so that you can remember in a normal way, without recreating those uncomfortable feelings.  The audio is designed to help you feel calm and comfortable around the thought of future experiences with needles or injections.

The audio is best listened to using earphones in a quite, comfortable room, where you will not be disturbed for 30 minutes.

I hope that the audio provides you will some relief.  I would be interested for any feedback.

Andrea x


(Please note that these hypnosis audios should not be listened to whilst driving or operating machinery and the only people it is not suitable for are individuals with serious mental health issues, such as Schizophrenia or Clinical Depression.)


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