Smoking Cessation

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If you are a smoker, you will be aware that you are at an increased risk from COVID-19. There has never been a better time to quit smoking. If the mere thought of quitting smoking fills you with dread and panic, or if you don’t know how to ensure you have your last ever cigarette, you can learn how to reduce the health risks and severe complications today.

You can take some small steps towards a nicotine-free life - a rehearsal for the time when you can give up smoking for good!

1    Make a list of the reasons to quit

There are probably a number of them - but have you ever actually written them as a list?

2    Set a quit date  - And stick to it!

3    Change your brand

ONE week before your quit date - change your brand of cigarette. You will find they are not as enjoyable.

4    Try to change the hand you use to hold your cigarette

It will feel awkward - but this small change breaks down habits and  associations

5    Change your routine

If you normally smoke after a meal, try to break out of this routine. Try  reading a chapter of a book, watch a TV show, or retreat to a part of the house where you wouldn’t normally smoke.

6    Get active    

A five-minute walk or stretch produces chemicals in the brain that reduce cravings.


7    Positivity!

Make regular affirmations to yourself several times a day “I am enjoying life as a non-smoker”.

Hypnotherapy can help you to have your last cigarette ever!


It will help identify the reasons for you to stop

And can help you

• With motivation to stop smoking - and stay stopped

• Break the connections - the triggers - to smoking

• feel positive about becoming a non-smoker


So if you haven’t been able to quit smoking before, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it now!

And if you COULD stop smoking easily and without cravings. Why wouldn’t you break out of that habit into a fresher, cleaner, healthier YOU?!

So when the time is right for you to stop smoking please do get in touch.

Andrea x


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