The Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program

Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program
Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Program

What is the Virtual Gastric Band (VGB) Program?

How does being a yo-yo dieter SPOIL your life?

How would it feel to have a better relationship with food, with you in FULL control?

Imagine how liberated you will feel when you can STOP eating when you have had enough.

The Virtual Gastric Band is NOT a diet. It is a powerful weight loss program used during hypnosis created by Sheila Granger.  It is designed to help clients lose weight by retraining their minds to recognise that their stomachs are full after a smaller amount of food. 


Sheila Granger proved its effectiveness by conducting a clinical trial at Hull University.  She recruited 25 volunteers to take part in a free group VGB hypnotherapy program over 3 sessions and she was astounded by the final results. The group lost over 14 stones between them in the 3 week period of the trial and 24 of the volunteers noticed significant improvements to their weight.


The essence of the program is focused on everything in moderation, NO DIET to follow, just sensible eating habits and increased exercise. Easy to follow, just making tweaks to your current habits that fit in with your life style. No more bloating or feeling sluggish.

This is potentially a long-term solution to weight management, not a quick fix and new habits generally begin to take root in around a month.

The Trouble with Diets...

Generally, diets don’t work very well long term and many people fall into the yo-yo diet trap. Slimming clubs encourage its members to think about food all of the time and those that take part often become quite obsessed with food.  Diets often rely on depriving you of food, which in turn, makes you want the ‘naughty’ food all the more and you can slip in to constantly thinking about food.

Life should be enjoyed and lived to the full, without worrying about food and weight. This program has helped many people to have a sensible relationship with food and enjoy life in their own way.

How does the VGB Program work?

Using the power of clinical hypnotherapy, I take clients through deep relaxation and mindset exercises that work to calm and quieten the conscious mind. I work with the client to retrain the brain to be satisfied with smaller portions of food and want to exercise more often.


By taking people through this effective weight loss program, I can successfully change a person’s attitude towards food and help them regain control over their cravings and bad habits around food. The VGB technique makes them think that there's a gastric band fitted around the upper part of their stomach, which in turn, makes them eat less because they feel full up sooner.  In the same way as a baby spits out it’s bottle of milk when its hunger has been satisfied.


As a Virtual Gastric Band weight loss specialist, I help my clients unlock and harness the power they already hold within to make positive changes in their lives and leave those diets behind, so that they can look forward to a healthier future.


Feedback from clients shows increased willpower and no feelings of deprivation. Clients find that they begin to feel more in control and able to lose excess weight naturally and consistently without dieting or depriving themselves of foods they enjoy.  The VGB program is very effective and safe and requires no actual surgery!


A recent client lost 1 stone in 6 weeks and dropped a dress size. They were amazed at their own ability to stop eating when they are full and just not want the sweet sugary foods.  I noticed the smile get bigger every session.

Benefits of the VGB Program vs Diets / Surgery

As hypnosis is a completely safe, non-invasive, non-surgical technique, there are multiple benefits over a traditional diet or actual gastric band surgery, these include:

  • 100% safe, quick, painless & enjoyable!

  • No costly meal replacements or dieting

  • No lengthy hospital stays or post-surgical recovery

  • Works on the mind to retrain, reset, build willpower, and help break unhealthy habits for good

  • Get started right away (no long NHS waiting lists)


When you are ready to talk through your weight loss goals please do contact me so that we can discuss whether this life changing Virtual Gastric Band Program is right for you.


Schedule a FREE telephone consultation by calling 07593 600 517 and begin to look forward to becoming that slimmer, healthier, happier you!

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