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Emotional Needs

Human beings need certain things in their life to make them feel happy, well and balanced.  Research has shown that, along with  having our physical needs met, we all require the following emotional needs to be fulfilled in balance as well:

- to give and receive attention


- to feel understood and intimate with someone


- to be creative and learn


- to be aware of the mind-body connection (e.g. eating properly, getting enough sleep)


- to belong to a social network


- to belong to something bigger than us (e.g. church, work organisation, football club)


- to feel an appropriate sense of control


- to have a sense of purpose/goals

- to feel safe & secure

- to have an opportunity for privacy

When these emotional needs are not met in the right balance, or our resources are used incorrectly, we suffer emotional distress or fail to fulfil our potential.

My aim, as a Solution Focused Psychotherapist, is to help you to fill any gaps and enable you to find and maintain the balance.

Human Needs
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