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How would it feel

to be able to

regulate those

Hot Flushes & Night Sweats?


on my

Menopause Relief Program


4-week hypnosis


Menopause Relief Program

Helping you take the heat out of 'The Change'



in Clinic or via Zoom

Menopause Relief Hypnosis Program

with Andrea Aro, Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Transform into a Cooler, Calmer

& happier you!

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The menopause or 'The Change' does not discriminate who it affects - but for some women the symptoms can have a serious and even life-disrupting effect.


Hot flushes can be common for many women and generally begin very suddenly, usually starting in one place, spreading to other parts of the body, increasing in temperature e.g. from the stomach up to the top of the head. For some this can be unbearable, like a volcano about to erupt. These tend to last from about 30 sec to a few minutes or more in some cases. Either way, the effect is disrupting. Imagine you are presenting a meeting to your board of directors, you can feel the heat rushing up your body, you break out in bright red blotches that all join together, sweat runs down your face, neck and chest, and your mind slows down, maybe even stops working with you. You stop in mid flow, everyone is looking at you and the room just feels like a furnace, plus you didn’t sleep well because of the night sweats and you’re so tired. It may sound dramatic, but this is just one example of how debilitating Hot Flushes can be for some women and often leads to feelings of anxiety or panic about experiencing a hot flush in public.

Night Sweats behave just the same as the Hot Flushes but during the night. However, some women find that they are more frequent, more intense in heat and seem to last longer. Because sleep is disrupted, not just once but several times in the night, it has a knock-on effect the following day. Night Sweats can go on for months and years in some cases and can have a significant effect on a woman's cognitive and coping abilities.

Other symptoms that some women can experience include 

• Mood Swings

• Anxiety / Panic Attacks

• Depression

• Low libido 

• Weight Gain

• Poor Sleep

Don't allow the menopause to hold you back just as you enter the prime of your life ...! 

What Can You Do About It?

My Menopause Relief Program offers a credible, effective alternative way of alleviating and managing menopausal symptoms should you not wish to take HRT.  Hypnosis is proving to be a highly effective approach to reducing the heat and frequency of hot flushes and night sweats.  We have an incredibly strong mind-body connection and we employ this under-utilised mechanism and teach you how you can take control, so that you can go about your life feeling cool, calm and confident. 

The Program will help you to:


• Learn techniques of how to reduce the number and severity of hot flushes and night sweats

• Identify and recognise common hot flush triggers

• Teach you techniques that will help you to manage and control those triggers

• Teach you tools to manage anxiety

• Feel more confident and positive towards The Change and to look to the future with renewed hope. 


And NOW - it can all be done from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world, via Zoom or in the Clinic in Sussex. 

'You are not getting older, you are gathering speed & power & wisdom. It is an honour & privilege to be here.'


Jann Arden

Menopause Relief Program

Regain your dignity and confidence so you can getting on with living life again.

Menopause Relief Program

Designed to help you take the heat out of menopause & feel cool, calm & confident.

My Menopause Relief Program will teach you the tools so that you can reduce the heat and master the menopause! 

This is a 4 week tailor-made course that is designed for each INDIVIDUAL and their specific needs and will fundamentally change your world for good! 


I have designed the program to give you the tools to be able to manage the different symptoms of the menopause, to empower you, so that you can enter this next chapter of your life with renewed vitality and optimism!


The Menopause Relief Program includes:

  • 4 sessions - 1 per week - for 4 weeks. 

  • Sessions will be between 60-90 minutes long.

  • Each client is given an audio support recording to listen to between sessions.

  • Client Guidelines

  • Tools and techniques for you to use 

  • Tailor-made sessions designed to meet your specific needs

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Menopause Relief Program

Helping you take the heat out of 'The Change'

Menopause FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a method for change that has been proven to work over the centuries. Hypnosis is simply a state of focused awareness during which your conscious mind, your analytical brain is moved aside to allow your subconscious mind to become highly creative and receptive to new ideas.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

People who want to be hypnotised will be. Hypnosis is not as unusual as people think. People get into a hypnotic state daily while engrossed into various activities such as watching a film, reading a book or even driving. Hypnosis is simple a state of focused awareness.

Will I lose control?

No, you will definitely not lose control. During hypnosis you remain in control the whole time. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is a state focused awareness that is induced through the therapist's directions. But hypnosis cannot happen without your participation. The more you follow the therapist's instructions, the more relaxed you will be and the more receptive you will become.

Will I lose consciousness?

No, it will feel as though you are in a comfortable dose-like state.

How do I access the Zoom course?

Once you have booked your place, you will be sent an email with a link to the Online Alcohol Reduction Zoom session.  Simply click the link a few minutes before the time of the session and you will be directed on to the webinar. Watch a video about Zoom.

Do I need Zoom?

It is not necessary to have Zoom installed, although you will need to internet access via a laptop, preferably, or smart phone. 


How will it work?

I will guide you through my tried and tested program giving you tools and advice to take away with you to use in between sessions.  I will deliver a hypnosis segment and whilst this happens, all you need to do is make yourself comfortable in a chair or bed and close your eyes and listen to the life-changing program, whilst relaxing deeply.  If you have earphones, then that is great, but not completely necessary to benefit profoundly. In between each session you will be required to listen to a support audio daily.

Do I need to do anything?

Any change requires some conscious effort on your part, so make a resolve now to take responsibility and follow the guidelines to o the letter, and success will be yours!

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