Anxiety & Panic Attacks – more

Alcohol Consumption Reduction - more...

Relationships - more...

Sleep Issues - more...

Stress – more

Smoking Cessation - more...

Depression – more

Menopause Relief - more...

Virtual Gastric Band Program - more...

Weight Control Issues – more

Childbirth preparation & postnatal depression &      trauma – more

Children's issues - more...

Building Confidence - more...

Public Speaking

Academic Exam Performance - more...

Driving Test Nerves

Dealing with Change

Grief - overcoming & letting go

Low Self-Esteem - more

Worrying & Negative Thinking

Phobias & Fears - more...

Unwanted Habits

Achieving Personal Goals


Resolving Anger Issues

Resolving Guilt Issues

Post operation healing - more...

Pain Control

Headache issues

Skin Conditions, e.g. psoriasis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Achieving Deep Relaxation

Improving Sports Performance

Improving Memory & Learning

Improving Creativity

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