What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural, comfortable state that, actually, everyone experiences.  We all go in and out of natural trance every day.  For example, have you ever become totally engrossed in a favourite hobby and lost all track of time?  Yes?  Well, this is a natural trance and a skilled hypnotherapist will use this state as a powerful way to enhance well-being in an individual.

Hypnosis is used to update our understandings and modify or eradicate problem behaviours such as anxiety, phobias or bad habits.  By tapping into the subconscious mind, we can utilise and discover forgotten or unrecognised skills and resources to enable you to deal with any unpleasant emotions or detrimental behaviour patterns. During hypnosis we can rehearse new ways of behaving, your preferred way.  By doing this, your mind creates new neural pathways for a new way of behaving, making that new behaviour easier to adopt in every day life.  It will be easier to adopt because you've experienced it before, even though it was during hypnosis. You could think of it like this - when you are visiting a new town for the first time, you're likely to consult a map to see how you get there.  With map in hand you set off towards your destination.  A wrong turn may be taken during the journey, but because you've got the map in hand, you can navigate back to the right road and eventually arrive at your destination.  On subsequent visits to that town, you may need to look at the map to refresh your memory and are likely to take it with you just in case.  You may not need to refer to it as much as before, because there will be a familiarity to the route - landmarks, scenery.  Subsequent journeys will become easier and more familiar, the more your travel along that route...

Is it safe?

Hypnosis is completely safe.  It is the original mind/body medicine and dates back to the Egyptian times.  Many clinical trials have been conducted that have proven the effectiveness of hypnosis in specific situations.

Hypnosis can only be used to facilitate change in the areas that you consent to. It's impossible to accept suggestions that go against your beliefs.


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