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Relaxation Audios for Charlie

I have given you a choice of audio downloads designed to help you relax - so have a listen and see which you prefer.  You can interchange between them and you only need listen to one per day.  Like learning any new skill, we don't become expert at it on the first attempt and the act of relaxation will improve the more you practise. Lots of us override this essential human need and dismiss it as being unimportant, because we are just too busy. Persevere - it may take a few listens to 'get it'.  

When we give ourselves permission to relax it will have positive repercussions on both our mental and physical health.  It gives the body the opportunity to neutralise stress hormones, which can hijack our thinking brain and hinder clear thought.   Relaxation is the antidote to stress and it is vital to be able to learn how to do it without the use of artificial inducers (alcohol), which do not allow true rest.

As part of your treatment plan they are designed to be listened to daily, preferably when you arrive home from work.  30 minutes just allowing yourself to decompress from a stressful day in the office and set you up for the evening ahead.


(Please note that these hypnosis audios should not be listened to whilst driving or operating machinery)


IMPORTANT: These download links have been tested on both Android, iPhone, MAC, and PC however not all versions have been tested. If you have any issues downloading to your device please do let me know and I will ensure you get a copy and you will be helping others that may have similar devices. Thanks for your help.)

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