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FREE Relaxation Audio Download

In these uncertain times many people are feeling anxious and worried about things beyond their control so I have created a FREE audio download to help bring about some calm. I hope you enjoy it and notice some relief after listening to it.

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Virtual Massage Relaxation Audio


Massage Therapy

For many people, massage is a beneficial way of easing muscle tension which can cause discomfort, poor posture and fatigue.  When we relax well and release tension the nervous system calms down and we feel fully rested and our sense of wellbeing improves.

Because it is not possible to visit the masseur currently, I have made this audio of a virtual massage.  By the end of this virtual massage you will feel relaxed, soothed and invigorated. Allow yourself time to rest deeply, knowing that it will give you the opportunity to let go of stress, tension and negativity in just the right way for you.

Calming Beach Visualisation Audio Download


relaxation audio

In this section I have uploaded several different relaxing visualisations for you to enjoy. I will be adding to them over the next few weeks, so do look back to see what is new by checking the Audio Downloads drop down menu above - e.g. anxiety release, improve sleep, improve ralationships, business mindset & virtual holidays!


Please note that these relaxation audios should not be listened to whilst driving or operating machinery and the only people it is not suitable for are individuals with serious mental health issues, such as Schizophrenia or Clinical Depression. 


IMPORTANT: These download links have been tested on both Android, iPhone, MAC, and PC however not all versions have been tested. If you have any issues downloading to your device please do let me know and I will ensure you get a copy and you will be helping others that may have similar devices. Thanks for your help.

Audio Downloads

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