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9 Symptoms of Depression

There are 9 core symptoms that indicate that a person is experiencing depression.

When we are aware of the symptoms, we can then recognise whether those close to us are affected.

A person is said to be depressed when exhibiting 5 or more of the following symptoms for a 2 week period…

1. Low mood – withdrawal from engaging with work or social activities.

2. No motivation – loss of pleasure or interest in activities that used to be enjoyed.

3. Sleep disturbance – either difficulty getting off to sleep or waking early.

4. Loss of energy – feeling tired, particularly on waking after sleep.

5. Feelings of worthlessness and guilt – self-obsession.

6. Difficulties in thinking clearly – finding it hard to concentrate.

7. Disturbance of appetite – over-eating or not eating enough.

8. Reduction of physical movements and slowing down of thought

Feeling life is meaningless – recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

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