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Staying Optimistic Keeps You Young!

Staying cheerful and optimistic can help you stay fit and mentally sharp into old age.

Researchers discovered that people experiencing depression as they get older age more quickly.

Their biological age is older than their actual age, and they are more likely to have worse heart health.

Depression also increases the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension), high cholesterol and long-term health problems, researchers from the University of Connecticut have found.

They measured the health of 426 people diagnosed with late-life depression by taking samples of blood to check levels of proteins that reflect biological ageing.

The proteins, which are produced by ageing cells, cause inflammation in the body.

The level of these proteins was then checked against the participants’ general health, brain function and the severity of the depression.

The GOOD NEWS is that with help (from me, or someone like me!) it is possible to retrain yourself to think in a more optimistic way and it is also possible to navigate a way out of depression - it does not have to be the life-long sentence many drug companies would like us to believe...

Shared from original WDDTY article

Ref - Nature Mental Health, 2023; 1: 200; doi: 10.1038/s44220-023-00033-z

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