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Calming Tremors with Hypnosis

Having done some research, I have found that hypnosis can prove an effective method of calming tremors.  


Evidence is mounting to support the use of relaxation and hypnosis in treating people with tremors. In a 2009 study of 20 patients with moderate to severe tremors, 100% of participants experienced a dramatic improvement in tremors for up to 14 hours after treatment with relaxation and guided imagery.

In addition, case studies suggest that hypnosis can effect long-term improvements not just in tremors but also in mood, sleep quality, physical comfort, and quality of life.

Through hypnosis, you can access a state of consciousness that allows you to 'detach' from your symptoms while still retaining the ability to focus and function normally. With practice, you will find that you can maintain this state right through the day, allowing you to achieve a very real and lasting improvement in your tremors.

The audio is best listened to whilst sitting on a comfortable seat, with your eyes closed.  You may like to begin by using the 7/11 breathing exercise - like the smokers breath pattern, counting in your head on the in-breath to 7 and counting in your head to 11 with the out-breath.  


Like learning any new skill, we don't become expert at it on the first attempt and your experience of what you do during hypnosis will improve the more you listen to the recording.  

The audio is designed to be listened to daily or as often as you feel that you may need to.


Please note that these hypnosis audios should not be listened to whilst driving or operating machinery.



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