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Fertility Issues, Childbirth Preparation & Labour

As a mother myself I've had many conversations with women who tell me that they found it difficult to fall pregnant because of fertility issues or didn't enjoy the birth of their children. Now, this seems to me, to be a real shame. Falling pregnant and giving birth is all about bringing a new life into the world.  It's about hope and it's about joy. 

Some women have told me that the prospect of becoming pregnant or the act of childbirth fills them with fear or dread.  Some tell me that they want to feel calm and relaxed about the impending event but just don't know how.  Some tell me that they would like to learn how to have more comfortable contractions without using medication.

The benefits of a relaxed pregnancy and labour are now well documented, and the longer the period of time that you can feel stress free the better.  I am able to teach you techniques that will help you cope during labour and make it a happy experience to remember.


Some women suffer from early pregnancy loss (miscarriage) or traumatic labour events and this can have real emotional ramifications towards any future pregnancies or future labours. Past traumatic labours can put mothers off from trying to fall pregnant in the future or it can increase the level of anxiety generally when looking toward another labour experience. A study published in January 2020 also indicates that women who have experienced an early pregnancy loss can also suffer from PTSD - read more here.

Because I am a hypnotherapist, I have in my extensive tool bag, a powerful technique which is designed to lower the emotional connection that often links itself to traumatic events. It is a key technique when helping sufferers of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and is extremely effective when used to help mothers having suffered from a traumatic labour or experienced an early pregnancy loss. 

Past Traumatic Labour or Early Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage) 

So how can hypnotherapy help?

Studies have shown that when a woman is relaxed, the body creates the right physical environment for falling pregnant and, later, the easier labour will be.  When we are able to stay relaxed, the body works much more efficiently.


Not many women know that there are stress receptors within our reproductive organs, and so the body will tune-in to whether conditions are 'favourable' to become pregnant or not. 


When a woman is free of tension she is able to produce more of the natural pain reducing hormones - endorphins - which benefit both mother and baby alike.  The uterus also dilates easily and quickly which means that less time is spent in labour.


Using hypnosis, it is possible to learn how to reduce stress levels which will allow the body to naturally improve fertility and to create the optimum conditions to fall pregnant.  Hypnosis can also assist you in feeling strong emotionally, and confident about labour. 


You can learn powerful techniques that will help you to control the amount of discomfort you experience and how to deeply relax between contractions so that you can conserve energy.

Benefits of utilising hypnosis during pregnancy and labour include:

- Enabling expectant mum to have a relaxed childbirth experience.

- Reduction of pain.

- Reduction of fear and anxiety.

- Past bad childbirth experiences can be effectively de-traumatised.

- High blood pressure can be reduced.

- The need for pain medication can be reduced.

- Feeling a sense of control over contractions.

- Shorter delivery time.

- Mother is able to be physically and mentally alert, not exhausted,
after labour.

- Healing time is usually reduced.

I run a 4 part Moving into Motherhood Program which is designed to help you feel relaxed and in control so that you can experience the maternity journey that you deserve.

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