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moving into motherhood
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Are you emotionally prepared to step into motherhood? 
How would it feel
to experience your
maternity journey feeling calm, confident & free of anxiety or fear?

Book onto the
Moving into Motherhood

4-part hypnosis course

Moving into Motherhood Program

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Release fears about birth & prepare for a safe, calm & positive birthing experience


4 Sessions*
in Clinic or Online 

Moving into Motherhood Program
with Andrea Aro, Clinical Hypnotherapist


supporting your transition
into motherhood

Moving into Motherhood Hypnosis Program
designed to improve fertility, ease pregnancy symptoms, relieve anxiety, rehearse a calm birth & more...

The Benefits of taking part in the Moving into Motherhood Program ...

  • Release fears associated with becoming a mother

  • Improve fertility and ability to fall pregnant by helping you release stress which hinders the process

  • Ease pregnancy symptoms and morning sickness 

  • Relieve pre and postpartum anxiety

  • Love your body throughout pregnancy and postpartum 

  • Release fears about childbirth and prepare you for a safe, calm, and positive birthing experience

  • Release trauma following previous upsetting childbirth experiences or early pregnancy loss

  • Manage contractions and reduce pain

  • Heal and recover physically and emotionally following pregnancy and delivery

  • Overcome stress and overwhelm in those first weeks and months of parenthood

  • Reduce insomnia so that you can get some well deserved sleep and feel well rested in the morning

  • Feel confident and capable as a new mum


I know only too well how pregnancy can be quite an emotional rollercoaster! Physically, you may be exhausted or nauseous or both. Mentally, you may be a bundle of nerves. Emotionally, you may be excited but also anxious (and hormonal). My Moving into Motherhood Program will help manage your symptoms, connect with your baby, and calm any fears and anxiety associated with birth, motherhood, and all the changes this life transition brings. 

Benefits of hypnosis for pregnancy, childbirth & beyond

Many studies conclude that the use of hypnosis during the maternity journey -

  • encourages the right emotional and physical environment to improve fertility & help fall pregnant

  • reduces the length of labour

  • reduces the need for medication

  • reduces intervention rates

  • reduces levels of pain and fatigue

  • enhances recovery time after birthing

  • heals trauma


The Program is designed to help you and your body rehearse a positive, smooth, and safe birthing experience and it is full of positive messages and encouragement to help you trust your instincts and relax.  

Giving birth to your first child is the closest you can ever come to doing magic

Bespoke to YOUR requirements

Because the Program can be designed to fulfil YOUR needs, I can include a mix of different elements depending upon your aspirations or goals. 


You may like me to include a powerful hypnotic technique which is designed to support you in your physical and emotional healing. It is possible to 'instruct' the body to repair itself quickly following the birth of your baby. 

Sleep & Feeding

Despite feeling exhausted, you may struggle nonetheless with insomnia. Sleeping well is essential for helping you feel human and cope with the new demands being made of you. Giving yourself the gift of restful sleep is one of the best ways you can look after yourself as a mother. The Moving into Motherhood Program can help you drift off into a blissful and restful sleep on those nights where you may struggle to settle (or when you can't stop checking if baby is still breathing). I have designed it especially for mums to be able to wake up easily to feed or care for your little one when needed, then fall right back to sleep once all is done.  

Moving into Motherhood Hypnosis Program
designed to improve fertility issues, ease pregnancy symptoms, relieve anxiety, rehearse a calm birth & more...

The Moving into Motherhood Program is TAILOR-MADE to suit YOU and your needs - and I can tweak and adjust it to suit you so that you can look forward to having the positive childbirth experience you deserve!

Don't allow anxiety stop you from experiencing a calm labour experience. 

And NOW you can benefit from this life enhancing program either in-clinic in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex or from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world via video call.

The 4 core sessions* are tailor-made for each INDIVIDUAL and her specific needs and will fundamentally improve your pregnancy journey and beyond


The Moving into Motherhood Program will include:

  • 4 core Hypnotherapy sessions* (in-clinic or online)

  • Sessions will be between 60-90 minutes long

  • Each client will be taught powerful, proven techniques that can be used immediately to lower anxiety.

  • Each client is given audio support recordings to listen to

  • Tailor made sessions designed to meet YOUR specific needs


*Sessions can be added should you wish to incorporate additional elements

Moving into Motherhood Program

** please add '' to your trusted contacts **

Release fears about birth & prepare for a safe, calm & positive birthing experience

maternity FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a method for change that has been proven to work over the centuries. Hypnosis is simply a state of focused awareness during which your conscious mind, your analytical brain is moved aside to allow your subconscious mind to become highly creative and receptive to new ideas.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

People who want to be hypnotised will be. Hypnosis is not as unusual as people think. People get into a hypnotic state daily while engrossed into various activities such as watching a film, reading a book or even driving. Hypnosis is simple a state of focused awareness.

Will I lose control?

No, you will definitely not lose control. During hypnosis you remain in control the whole time. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. It is a state focused awareness that is induced through the therapist's directions. But hypnosis cannot happen without your participation. The more you follow the therapist's instructions, the more relaxed you will be and the more receptive you will become.

Will I lose consciousness?

No, it will feel as though you are in a comfortable dose-like state.

How do I access the Zoom course?

Once you have booked your place, you will be sent an email with a link to the Online Alcohol Reduction Zoom session.  Simply click the link a few minutes before the time of the session and you will be directed on to the webinar. Watch a video about Zoom.

Do I need Zoom?

It is not necessary to have Zoom installed, although you will need to internet access via a laptop, preferably, or smart phone. 


How will it work?

I will guide you through my tried and tested program giving you tools and advice to take away with you to use in between sessions.  I will deliver a hypnosis segment and whilst this happens, all you need to do is make yourself comfortable in a chair or bed and close your eyes and listen to the life-changing program, whilst relaxing deeply.  If you have earphones, then that is great, but not completely necessary to benefit profoundly. In between each session you will be required to listen to a support audio daily.

Do I need to do anything?

Any change requires some conscious effort on your part, so make a resolve now to take responsibility and follow the guidelines to o the letter, and success will be yours!

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