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When you suffer with depression you are very likely to feel exhausted. You may wonder why you feel like that. You may wonder if you are ever going to feel like your old self again, which may feel scary.  

When you are doing depression, you may feel low in mood, have a loss of interest in doing things or finding pleasure in life, have low self-worth, have problems sleeping, have a lack of appetite, have low energy and poor concentration.

Depression and anxiety go hand-in-hand with each other and around 1 in 4 of us experience these common mental health issues.

Depression - old thinking vs new insights

Information on depression can seem confusing, which doesn’t help in trying to get better. New research has begun to enlighten our ‘traditional’ understanding of how depression happens and how to effectively treat it. This is great news, but unfortunately, these new insights are still not widely known, especially among general practice.

Many hold the ‘traditional’ view that depression happens to you because of a chemical imbalance, but this has now shown to be misleading (which you may find controversial, but it is true).  It was long believed that depression ‘happened to you’ because of a chemical imbalance, however, this revolutionary research shows that negative thinking styles, not having the right set of coping skills or not having our ‘emotional needs’ met in balance (for some people) can result in depression. It is at this point that the chemical imbalance happens. The imbalance happens because we are doing depression, not the other way around. Sufferers who hold this ‘traditional’ view can feel helpless to do anything for themselves to lift the depression.

Good news!

The good news is, depression CAN be lifted quickly and successfully and thousands of people have been treated by using this new knowledge and the feedback shows that it has revolutionised their understanding of depression and given them their life back.

What I can do to help you lift depression

I am able to teach you about the ‘cycle of depression’ and when you understand what is going on, your relationship with it completely changes and you are able to face the world with a new hopeful outlook for the future.

With help you can learn to control your anxiety. Together we can identify skills that you may need in order to resolve the reason for the anxiety, which may be as a result of a major life change/event.  For some, general anxiety and negative thinking styles can become a habitual way of thinking, which can prolong the duration of depression.  In these instances, I can teach ways to challenge the negative and limiting thinking style to aid a more optimistic, or certainly better-balanced outlook.

Together we will carry out an ‘emotional needs audit’ (based on the Human Givens model) to identify areas in your life that may not be met in balance and agree on how things could change or what you can do differently in order to fill any gaps and achieve better balance.

I can teach you self hypnosis to quickly bring about calm, which in turn will help you achieve better sleep. When you awake feeling refreshed and more energetic, thinking more clearly and make decisions becomes easier so that, ultimately, you can see a way through to tackle life’s challenges.

People notice significant improvements to how they are feeling in around 4 to 6 sessions, although this is different for each person. 

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