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How to Identify Stress

The Health & Safety Executive describe stress as “The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them at work.”

What to Look for: The table below lists some of the many symptoms that are indicators of too much pressure that can come from yourself, work, home, or any combination of these which may include all three. (Please note: there can be other causes so please check with your GP).

People exhibiting signs of stress, will eventually become less productive and less effective in the workplace. This is known as PRESENTEEISM. Take a few minutes to work through the list and tick any of the symptoms you have...

How many symptoms do you have?

The symptoms that affect you will often accumulate until you are forced to take notice of them. Don’t rationalise the symptoms away. If you are not sure – always consult your GP. It is often the behavioural symptoms that are noticed, as they are more obvious, but by this time stress has been going on for many months, maybe even a year or more.

Hypnotherapy is an effective method of managing stress, anxiety and worry. Please do contact me here

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