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Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Below I have listed a number of strategies, that when incorporated into your daily life, can help minimise stress and general anxiety:

1. Give your level of stress a number out of 10

As soon as you bring your logical side of the brain into play, your emotion will automatically and quickly reduce. Carry on with what you were about to do and then re-scale it and notice that the number will go down. Continue until the stress reduces to a tolerable level.

2. Breathe

Take a nice deep breath in for a count of 5 and out for a count of 7. Repeat until everything settles down. Here's a link to a brief video instruction for this exercise - access video here.

3. Exercise for thirty minutes per day - ideally outside.

Exercise has such a profound effect on happiness and well-being that it’s actually been proven to be an effective strategy for overcoming stress and anxiety.

4. Eat three meals a day - choose nutritional foods, and limit your sugar, alcohol and caffeine intake.

Because stress is physiological, stimulants may have a significant impact

5. Increase the joy in your life Build a complementary set of neural pathways so that your brain begins to default to feelings of joy and relaxation.

As you continually instruct your brain's attention to good feelings, it will notice them more and more often. From this moment forward, anytime you notice yourself feeling particularly good, put your hand on your heart and take a moment to acknowledge how good it feels. Next, give your mind the instruction to seek out more of this good feeling in the future or simply say out loud: “I feel good!”

6. Get plenty of sleep Good quality sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body. Insufficient sleep can have a detrimental effect on your mood, and sleep deprivation increases anxiety levels.

The ideas above will help manage stress and general anxiety, but obviously I am able to give more in-depth and individual support on a one to one basis, so do please get in touch if you feel personal support would be beneficial.

I have designed a 3-part Finding Inner Peace Program which is designed to help you break free of the life limiting effects that anxiety and stress can have on your life.

Break free from the grips of anxiety, so that you can life your best life & who knows what new opportunities that will bring!

Contact details available here

Andrea x

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