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Sleep Issues

We need good quality sleep to function properly, and by stressing over the fast pace of how the world is changing, we are keeping our minds and bodies wide awake and on high alert when they need to recharge. While it is natural to be worried about the future with Covid-19 still impacting day to day life, we need to find ways to control these worries to limit the negative effects of poor sleep. 

Unlike sleep medications, sleep hypnotherapy has no side effects so it can be an aid for those who can’t or don’t want to take sleeping pills.


Being unable to sleep only creates more frustration and leads to more tiredness.  Lack of sleep impacts on our ability to cope, and poor sleep can lead to depression.  Over time poor sleep may also impact on our physicality because it affects our ability to heal. 


So if you are experiencing sleep problems this is one area that I am able to offer effective help with. 

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