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Career Advancement Stifled by Fears

In a recent survey, it was uncovered that fear appears to be widespread in the workplace.

The survey of 1,039 workers, conducted by the job and resume website, found that 87% admitted that they suffer from work-related fears and that 81% admit that their fears and phobias have affected their job in negative ways.

While 25% have never sought to get help to overcome their anxieties, encouragingly 57% say that they would be comfortable talking to their manager.

That said, 80% believe having fears and phobias is something to be ashamed of.

The main “phobias” highlighted in the survey included making decisions, taking responsibility, public speaking, making a mistake, getting fired, being disliked by co-workers or a boss, or not being able to handle the workload.

If you feel as though fear is holding you back from advancing in your career, then please do get in touch - I can certainly help you free yourself from those fears and limiting beliefs and help you improve your confidence so that you create a positive and worthy mindset which will help drive you forwards towards the career you would desire to have.


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