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Champion Swimmer Adam Peaty's battle with Booze

Updated: May 31, 2023

I very much admire Adam Peaty and have listened to him speak about how he finds the drive to complete at Olympic level.

Sadly the pressures of being an elite athlete has taken its toll and he began using alcohol to help him cope in some way.

Excessive drinking can lead to bouts of low mood or depression, and in Peaty's case, his relationship with his young sons mother has broken down and he no longer lives with them, which is so very sad, as I remember seeing him interviewed just before his son was born and he was so excited at the prospect of becoming a dad.

Adam is taking a break from competing for a while and wish him a speedy recovery.

I was thinking about the upsides to drinking, and I am sure there must be some, but haven't figured out quite what they are yet....

You can read more about Adam's struggles here

If you feel that you would benefit from cutting down or completely ditching booze and would like some help, then do get in touch - find out what my Rethink Your Drinking Program offers here

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