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Hypnosis & Sport

Sportspeople require many attributes to excel at their chosen sport – practice, de­termination and skill are but a few.


“Sport is 10% physical – and 90% mental.”

Whoever coined the phrase (and no-one actually seems to know!) referred to the too-oft-neglected importance of mental attitude in sport.

Athletes are well aware of how physical condition can affect performance – but how aware are they of MENTAL conditioning?

Sport is largely about strength in adversity, and that makes it particularly rele­vant in our current lockdown world.

Sports coaches are now turning more and more to visualisation techniques, mental strength and positive outlook advice.

“The power of imagined practice is huge…it reproduces the neurological routes that would occur if we performed the situation in reality” (Fisher, 1986; cited by Jiménez, 2007)

All athletes know – MARGINS MATTER

And hypnosis – training the mind – can open the doors to those margins.

It can provide and hone:


The certainty that physical and mental elements are in place for optimum per­formance


The need to remain constantly motivated can be enhanced by positive thought processes

Focus and Mental Toughness

Focus must be intense and constant, concentration high

Rehearsal Techniques

Visualisation of performance

Whatever the sport, whatever the level, hypnosis can give every sportsperson the extra seconds, strength, centimetres that lay within those margins.

Whether you’d like to improve your performance in golf, horse riding, shooting, tennis, cycling, hurdling, badminton or whatever(!), do get in touch with me on 07593 600 517 to arrange a complimentary consultation and find out how to get your “head in the game”.

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