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Sound can trigger anxiety response in some people

Several TV programs have picked up a story published in The Guardian about Misophonia.

Listening to the discussions on TV, it is clear that many people are vexed by certain noises.

It could be said that the uncomfortable symptoms that some people experience are, in fact, a learnt behaviour response that has taken root as an automatic response to those trigger sounds.

For some people their focus of attention is heightened and drawn towards hearing those trigger sounds more intensely than most and may cause an individual to feel symptoms of high anxiety which include wanting to escape, feeling sick, shortness of breath amongst other symptoms of distress.

The good news is that these unhelpful emotional tethers can be broken so that an individual is able to tolerate a trigger sound. In fact, it is possible to redirect their focus so that they remain calm in those situations.

The experience of hearing different sounds is completely individual and some people may find listening to the sound of water calming, but for others it may actually influence them to use the toilet!

For some people the feeling of unease around certain sounds can be so extreme that it causes them to have to change how they live certain aspects off their life which is, clearly, not ideal.

If you or someone you know is detrimentally impacted by misophonia, then I can help them retrain there emotional response so it no longer bothers them.

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