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Take the fear out of having a cervical smear

I was shocked to learn that around 1/3 of women eligible for a cervical screening never attend this potentially life saving intervention. And I get it. It's personal. It's intrusive. It's embarrassing. But, it is important. For some women it can be uncomfortable or even painful and these types of experiences can influence other women and put them off completely. For some, a bad experience or even a thought of a bad experience can manifest into a phobia or fear. Anxiety and stress make the internal muscles tense which makes the procedure not so easy, which creates more anxiety, more tension and becomes a vicious cycle. The good news, however, is that it is possible to lift a phobia or learn how to manage any anxiety associated with a cervical screening so that the body is able to relax which means that less discomfort is experienced. If you or someone you know is avoiding her cervical screening because she is anxious about it, then send them my way - I can help reduce the fear - it could save a life... . #CervicalCancer #cervicalcancerawareness #cervicalscreening #wellbeing #womenshealth #womenswellness #femalehealth #london #sussex #westsussex

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