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A crippling fear caused my client to lose over 2 stone in weight

I am not exaggerating when I say that a recent client had been experiencing such tremendous fear and anxiety that it left her unable to eat because it switched off her appetite. As a result she lost a significant amount of weight and had become very weak and her family were extremely concerned about her.

Anxiety can prove to be a life limiting condition with some people experiencing such devastating effects it can lead to ill health, as in this situation.

My client experienced such a profound fear reguarding a vital medical investigation, that it delayed the diagnosis of her condition and likely had made her underlying health condition worse.

After our first session her fear had reduced from 10/10 down to a level that proved low enough for her to be able to tolerate going to hospital. The following morning she was taken in for an emergency medical investigation. She had become so very unwell that she was admitted there and then and stayed in for just over 2 weeks.

I am pleased to say that she is back home, having now received the diagnosis and treatment for her actual underlying health issue and is making a fantastic recovery.

I have been working with her to help her feel calm when attending necessary future hospital visits.

She believes that her health condition was caused by stress and we have also worked on stress management strategies so that she avoids future stress related health flare ups.

This is what she said about her experience...

"Andrea , I cannot thank you enough for all your help and would not hesitate to recommend you and your techniques to anyone considering hypnotherapy to deal with their issues.

This was my first experience with hypnotherapy and both it and you far exceeded my expectations. Thanks again!" Mrs T

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